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Country: USA
City: Wilmington, Delaware
Telephone: 610-529-4257

Resume (PDF download)

Steven Dakota,
Communication Design

In a nutshell, that means that I sit at my shiny Apple computer all day long creating snazzy designs for cool folks from around the world. It's great!

However, it is much more complicated than that, there’s all this business about typography, composition, grids, space, form, color theory, semantics and usability to consider (and that’s just for starters). Luckily I’ve spent my lifetime so far completely filling my brain with all this creative goodness, so I can make things that not only look cool, but also solve a problem and make things work in the real world.

Most of my design ability is funneled through state-of-the-art software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator), QuarkXpress, Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver.

Detailed knowledge of trapping, file preparation, conversion of files for offset spot and process color printing, color theory and typography. Rampage software for direct-to-plate workflows from press-ready PDFs.

Microsoft business applications and other secondary applications (Publisher, CorelDraw and 3rd party software). Both Apple and PC platforms.

References and additional samples of work can be provided by request.